X-Ray Crystallography Laboratory

We are looking for researchers having both PhD or MSc qualifications in biological and related sciences interested to participate in immunooncology oriented research project at the Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology of the Jagiellonian Univeristy, Krakow, Poland.

We offer the possibility to conduct research at one of the leading Institutions of polish biotechnology, in a dynamic team of young researchers in a broad impact, demanding scientific project tackling the recent issues of immune system interaction with cancer cells, in particula the immune checkpoints.

We are looking for candidates with passion for science for whom research is an improtant part of their lifes. Providing exceptional facilities for the implementation of interesting and demanding research tasks as well as attractive salaries we require diligence, responsibility and self-initiative.


Currently we are recruting Postdocs (1 of 3 positions left) and PhD students (1 of 2 positions left) to participate in a project scheduled form 2018 to 2020. The succesfull candidates will have a chance to investigate the current hot topic in immunooncology: the structural and functional basis of signal transduction through immune checkpoints within the immunological synapse.

Requirements for Postdocs

An ideal candidate would fulfill the following requirements:

Enthusiasm and strong interest in science
Research oriented attitude
Motivation to carry out interesting, but demanding research work
Rediness for constant self-development and acceptance of new challanges
Perfectionism, diligence and self-discipline
Ability to independently design and test hypotheses by planning and performing appropriate experiemnets, analysing the data and drawing conclusions
Ability to work in a group

The candidates must hold a PhD degree and would ideally have carried out parts of their prior training / research in renowned institutions outside Poland (this is not obligatory provided substantial publication record). The publication record must include at least one major first author paper (for candidates directly after PhD) or at least two such papers in renowned journals (for candidates after a prior postdoc) supplemented with other co-authored works. Any additional published first author work is clearly a major advantage. Convincing references are a requirement.

Postdocs 1 & 2 (cell biology; recruitment closed)

An ideal candidate would have extensive experience with cell based models, especially in models recreating the functional aspects of the immune system or with primary immune cells. The candidates must have documented experience in cell culture, protein overexpression, western blotting, FACS, confocal microscopy or related methods. An ideal candidate would have previously investigated the immune checkpoints or immune cell activation, although this is not required provided substantial documented experience in other cell based models.

Postdoc 3 (biochemistry / protein crystallography; one position open)

An ideal candidate for this position would have experience in protein expression in different systems, purification, protein engineering and X-ray crystallography. Additional experience in protein characterization using physicochemical methodology will be of advantage. Candidates with no experience in protein crystallography will also be considered, provided they have extensive experience in other modern biophysical methods of protein characterization. An ideal candidate would have previously investigated the immune system related topics, but experience in other aspects of eukaryotic physiology is also beneficial.

Requirements for PhD candidates

The candidates must hold an MSc degree. Any work published in quality international journals will be treated as a major advantage. It is advantageous for the candidates to have conducted research practice outside home institution, preferably outside Poland (for example Erasmus placement, summer internship or comparable). Enthusiasm and dedication to science as well as good references are a major requirement. Curiosity driven attitude will be strongly preferred.

PhD 1 (cell biology, recruitment closed)

An ideal candidate would have a strong interest in cell biology and experience in cell culture and associated methodology. Experience in research on aspects of the immune system function would be of further advantage.

PhD 2 (structural studies, one position open)

An ideal candidate would have a strong interest in biophysical characterization of biological systems and certain experience in recombinant protein production / protein characterization with biophysical approaches. Experience in X-ray crystallography is not required, but would be considered advantageous.


Interested candidates are requested to provide:

CV with a list of publications, photo and contact data of people capable of providing recommendations
at the following e-mail: rekrutacja@crystallab.pl

All documents should be in pdf format. The mail topic should be in the following format "Surname, name, category (ex. Postdoc 2)"

The mail must include a following information (agreement on personal data processing): "Wyrazam zgode na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych zawartych w zgloszeniu dla potrzeb rekrutacji, zgodnie z ustawa z dnia 29 sierpnia 1997 roku o ochronie danych osobowych. (Dz. U. z 2002 r. Nr 101, poz. 926 z pozn. zm.)"

Faliture to comply with the agreement of personal data processing will result in the application not being processed

Other information

Planned commencement of the project: already started (commenced on February 2018).

The call is ongoing until all the places in the project are filled. In the event of the closure of the call, this notice will be removed from the website (last updated: April 2018). FEEL INVITED TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION.

We reserve the right to respond only to selected applications. The primary criterion for selection is the candidate's scientific record. The dates of interviews will be individually agreed with the selected candidates.